Accept Credit Cards

The relationship between hardware and software should be good in all criteria’s in order to accept credit cards. The cardholder should sign in an agreement so as to take credit card payments in online. Customer should make sure that hardware and software is secured during online transaction while enabling to accept credit cards using online payment process. Going against PCI requirements make the customer not to Accept Credit Cards. The information of credit card is collected from customers and then entered into network in order to process the online transaction. The information of credit card is either manually or electronically entered in the network database. While other way is writing card information and sending the written information back to the bank. The information’s are electronically transferred into the payment processor, after entering the payment information into the database. Many specialist works to manage and monitor the transfer of money during credit card transactions. An interface system is used by the specialists so as to enter the details of credit card easily with high functional requirements. The transferred amount is received by the customer, after the card is charged by the merchants, while the money is easily deposited in the merchant account.